GI Round Tubes – Kalunga / Bhushan

Brand                                         KALUNGA/BHUSHAN

Shape                                        ROUND

Dimension                                 (20,25,32,40,60,80,) mm

Length                                       6m

Finish                                        glossy

Avg. Weight/Piece (A-Class)     5.5kg

Avg. Weight/Piece (B-Class)     6.8kg

Made In                                     India

Galvanized Steel are those steel that has been covered with a layer of zinc metal. During galvanizing, steel is immersed in a molten zinc bath, ensuring a tough, uniform barrier coating. Zinc’s natural corrosion resistance provides long-term protection, even in outdoor environments. Apart from preventing water corrosion, it is equally effective in dry, indoor environments. GI pipes and tubes are mostly used in structural applications. GI steel pipes and tubes are available in various size and shapes based on the customer requirements.


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