Sakura Terracotta Classic 1(Per Piece)

Brand Indograce
Model Name/Number Sakura Terracotta Classic 1
Size 420 x 333 mm
Weight / 100 Pcs 450 kg
Weight On Roof 42 kg / sqm
Batten Spacing 330 – 350 mm
Batten Size 50 x 25 mm
Water Absorption Less than 10%
Breaking Strength 220 kg – 250 kg
Minimum Pitch 22o
Maximum Pitch 50o
Hanging Length 404mm
Coverage Area Tile / Sqm 9.5 tile
Made In India

As everyone is turning towards eco-friendly and safe products, this would come just as a natural addition to the beautiful world we live in.
Sakura Tiles The Upper Crest Attributes

  • Sakura coloured concrete roof tiles are designed in Japan.
  • Sakura roof tiles comes after series of research and tests by a team of professionals having wide range of experience in this industry.
  • Sakura roof tiles has a unique tile securing system minimizing wind damage & disloging, there by withstanding any extreme climate conditions.
  • Efflorescence preventive coat prevents tile from weather aggression.
  • Its’s unique profile maintains the inside temperature of your building cooler and provides you a pleasent atmosphere.
  • Sakura roofing tiles are available in different vibrant colours to add aesthetic mood to your roofing.
  • Stringent quality control system ensures you a world class product at an affordable price.
  • Immaculate back-up service and specialized development of products reaffirm service and quality to our customers.


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